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Calla Toddler Pillow

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Why parents LOVE the World's Best Washable Pillows, Covered In Soft Organic Cotton. Hand Crafted in Small Batches.

Are you looking for the perfect little pillow for your little one?

It's not a secret that kids sleep better when they are comfortable, but its hard to know which is the best pillow for your child.

We've spent years researching and crafting the ideal pillow to give your toddler. We've worked with thousands of parents to help them find the best pillow for their kids. We've spoken with pediatricians, chiropractors, teachers, parents and grandparents. 

And here's what we learned. 

1. You NEED a washable pillow.

Why? Because of accidents. Because of spills. Because of runny noses and teething. Kids are messy and if you don't buy a washable pillow, you are literally throwing money away. 

But aren't most pillow's washable? If you read the reviews, most pillows that claim to be washable, aren't really. Sure, you can throw them in the wash, but they clump up, retain moisture, get moldy or lose their bounce. 

The Calla Pillow is the World's Best Washable Pillow. The filling is called CallaFill and is a hypo-allergenic, micro-pearled polyester cluster fiber that retains its bounce better than any other filling on the market. 

It was designed for high end boutique hotels as a hypoallergenic down alternative that would hold up to many years of use and washing. We've tried just about every filling on the planet and CallaFill has been selected by parents as the hands-down winner.

2. Organic. 

Conventional cotton is treated with chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and chemical washes. Switching to organic removes any question of what your child is breathing in when they sleep. And since children spend almost half their time in bed, snuggled with their pillow, there's no better investment than in a safe, healthy fabric. Our pillows are covered in soft organic cotton from South Carolina. They're sateen woven for the ultimate in comfort and durability.

 3. No Flame Retardant Chemicals

Studies show that long-term contact flame retardant chemicals such as bromine can cause unwanted neurological damage. Many pillows are treated with a flame retardants (in the name of safety). Please, from a mom to a mom, make sure your the pillow is not treated with flame retardant chemicals. 

4. Hypoallergenic and Non-Aromatic

Hopefully your child doesn't suffer from allergies. But if they do, you need a pillow that is hypoallergenic. The Calla Pillow is hypoallergenic, allergen, dust mite, and mildew resistant.  

And have you ever opened up a brand new pillow and noticed 'that smell'? You won't with your Calla Pillow. And you'll know your child is sleeping safer and naturally. 

5. Appropriately Sized

The Calla Pillow is designed for children age 2-5 (and many parents and grandparents use them for travel and sleep). They are 13" x 18" and provide about 3" of comfortable support. 

Why a smaller pillow? 

For one reason. Kids roll around less with a smaller pillow. Less rolling around = better sleep. Better sleep = more time for learning and exploring.

Not too thick. Not too thin. Just the right amount of support for a great night's sleep. 

When they sleep better, you sleep better.

6. Guaranteed

What good is a pillow that doesn't last? We stand behind our products. They are designed for the crazy life of toddlers. They wash and retain their bounce. They're sewn with care.

That's why we offer a 3 year guarantee. If it loses it's bounce or you're not happy with the stitching (or your little one decides to cut it open with a pair of scissors - Yes, this has happened) send us an email and we'll take great care of you. We're parents. We get it. Accidents happen. That's why we offer the best customer service and support.

So what are you waiting for? 

Try the Calla Pillow Today, risk free. You're gonna love how great your child sleeps. 

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 Here's what other parents are saying: 

Allison's Review of the Calla Pillow
If you're looking for a great pillow for your little one, here's why the Calla Pillow wins the day.

1. No Chemicals, Flame Retardants, 100% Hypoallergenic
2. Covered in Soft Organic Cotton
3. MACHINE WASHABLE because kids have accidents and continually buying new pillows or letting them sleep on a lumpy soiled pillow is NOT an option
4. Hand-Crafted in Small Batches by locals in the USA
5. 3 Year Guarantee - If it goes flat, clumps up, rips open in the washing machine, your toddler decides to cut it into smaller pieces for her baby doll with that pair of scissors you knew you put on the top shelf...Contact us. We Take GREAT care of our customers.

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