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Toddler Sleep Hacks

Toddler Sleep Hacks

Quick Start Guide

First. There is NO one-size fits-all solution to getting your child to sleep. Every child is their own human. Every situation unique.

Second. Rest should be restful, not stressful. It gets better.

Third. Great sleep is within reach with a little thought, a little creativity and a little practice.

I’ve put together this list of some top tips and tricks we’ve come across.

We are not experts. We are not doctors. We’ve talked with a lot of families and consider fellow parents ‘friends’- So as a parent to a parent - This guide is for you :)

Solving the sleep problem.

Why are they not sleeping well?

Some common issues:

  1. Discomfort
    1. Hungry
    2. Thirsty
    3. Gassy
    4. Too tired
    5. Pressure/potty
  2. Distracted
    1. Want to play
    2. Not tired
    3. Excited
  3. Afraid
    1. We go through cycles of understanding and learning.
    2. As we experience new things, we attempt to understand.
    3. When there’s not great understanding, then fear can creep in

When you address these three areas you are giving your toddler a Comfortable, Focused and Safe place to rest.

There are some things we can control and some things we cannot control.

Focus on what you can control and Don’t try to control the things that are outside your control.

Do your best each time and you’ll see progress.

Hack # 1: Routine.

Hack #2: Bananas (they’re full of goodness, specifically potassium, magnesium)

Hack #3: Weighted blanket

Hack #4: Lavender Oil

Hack #5: Sleep Cycle Re-start

Hack #6: Too tired? Not tired enough?

Hack #7: Visual Routine

Some kids love to see the visual routine -

Hack #8: “Options”

Hack #9: The “I don’t really care if my daughter sleeps on the floor” hack

Hack #10: Get an Alarm clock

Hack #11: Bed-time pass

Hack #12: No pressure to sleep.

Hack #13: Sometimes need to ‘work it out themselves’

Hack #14: Change sleepwear

Hack #15: Change bedding

Hack #16: Black out blinds (especially when the early morning sun)

Hack #17: Dairy Products. (Cookies and Milk ;) )

Hack #18: A ‘their size’ pillow

What are your top parenting hacks? Send ‘em in and I’ll include them in the next update!

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Happy Sleeping

Jennie, Jeremy and Emilie

Co-Founders, Calla Creative