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Special MESSAGE for Grandparents

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for your grandkids? 

Hi! I'm Jeremy and this is my family!

Back in 2014, we accidentally invented a new kid’s product.

We had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into.

The idea was recommended for Shark Tank and one of the original Sharks actually had his team try to set up a meeting with us. 

We were tempted by the fame, but instead, we chose to retain ownership and create a 100% employee owned, crowd-sourced, parent-operated business.

Our growth strategy was simple.

Make great things and take great care of our customers.

In the short time we’ve been around, we’ve worked with Facebook, Amazon, and Google to meet hundreds and thousands of families, deliver tens of 1000’s of our products to families all over the world.

But our favorite part is knowing we’re making a small, but meaningful impact in a really awesome group of parent's lives.

What was the idea?

A simple, but important improvement on kid’s pillows.

Until 2014, you could not buy a pillow that was hypoallergenic, covered in soft, natural organic cotton, designed with just the right support and squish for kids growing bodies, that was also 100% machine washable.

We thought that was crazy!

Because that’s what parents and kids need!

We know because we needed one for our own 2 year old!

And if you tried to wash your pillow, you normally would end up with lumpy pillow mess

Or worse, you keep shelling out money as it gets tossed in the trash every few months, right after it finally became their favorite…

Honestly, We had no idea how popular the Calla Toddler pillow would be with the 2 and 3 year old crowd. 

Parents love our pillows because they're 100% machine washable, they’re designed to last, covered in soft organic cotton and just the right size for their little ones.

Kids love how soft and cuddly they are!


We’ve received the highest ratings and reviews from parents all over the world and everyone from


No Flame Retardant Chemicals: Our pillows are naturally flame resistant and unlike many of the inexpensive pillows found in big box stores, ours products are not treated with any flame retardant chemicals.

Long term exposure to some of these flame retardant chemicals may result in reproductive and neurological damage. Giving the kiddos a Calla Pillow removes this risk from their life. 

And because each pillow is covered in soft organic cotton - this pillow is a healthier and safer and more natural option than just about any other pillow out there!!!


Now we make a BIG KID version for kids age 4+

Just like our toddler pillow - it's covered in soft Organic Cotton, contains no harmful flame retardant chemicals and comes with a 3 year gaurantee. These are great for kids age 4-9




We also make an oversized waffle weave blanket made in the USA from GOTS certified cotton. 
It’s perfect for wrapping around your shoulders as you sip on a cup of coffee, and big enough to snuggle with the kiddos on the couch .
On sale for $65 - this is a winner in every home.



Also, on our journey, we discovered the powerful calming and homeopathic effect of the Lavender plant.

We partnered with an established, family owned business to craft us an essential oil from their Organic Lavender.

We then mix this essential oil, by hand with coconut oil to make our Lovely Lavender Massage Oil.

The aroma is amazing. It’s not greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.

We use it as part of a bed time routine with our little ones. 
It’s a perfect way to end the day and connect and talk and wind down together.

You can make it yourself, or you can buy it in 1 oz bottles (last about a month) for $15 on our website.


Crib Sheets

If you need a gift for an up-coming baby shower, we make a GOTS certified Organic Cotton Crib sheet.

It has deep pockets and the fabric is made from extra long staple cotton - combed for superior softness.

It’s an affordable and luxurious experience for anyone who wants the best for a child’s baby-soft cheeks.

We invite you to check out our store and when its time, join our little tribe of awesome.



Today is the perfect day to be here, because we’re doing something we’ve never done before.

When you place an order over $50, we’ll send you a free bottle of our Lovely Lavender Massage Oil!

Just add it to your cart, enter code LAVENDER50 at checkout and we’ll ship it to you 100% free!.

This is a great time of the year to pick up gifts for kids or grandkids and take care of yourself 😃


So, if its time to update your kid’s pillows, you want a great US organic cotton cuddle blanket at an affordable price, and just want to grab some perfect gifts for an upcoming baby shower or birthday, come and shop our store.

We take awesome care of our tribe, have a 90 day return policy and 3 year replacement policy on our pillows in case the seam rips or something crazy happens.

There’s literally no risk for you.

So take advantage of the special we’re running and get everything you need and I'll send you a free bottle of our Lovely Lavender Massage Oil on your purchase over $50 when you use code LAVENDER50 at checkout.

Click to shop our collection ==> SHOP HERE

I’ll send you an email confirmation letting you know as soon as we’ve received and shipped your order, and I’ll check in with you personally after everything arrives to see how everything is working out for your family.

I’m so glad you found us. Welcome!