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Our Story

Welcome to a Parent-Run/Parent-Operated business.
As it should be. 

We started Calla Creative with the purpose of fulfilling a need in our lives and our friend's lives and it's grown to be so much bigger than we ever imagined.

When our daughter turned two, we had a little scare. We had just put her down in her crib for the night after our nightly ritual of story-time and my best rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" We closed the door and waited to make sure she had fallen asleep before we turned on the TV to catch up on Game of Thrones and relax together.

A few minutes into the show we heard a knocking on the door and the dogs started going crazy.

We looked at each other, perplexed and realized the knocking was coming from inside our daughters room.

Instantly we knew what had just happened. She had climbed over the crib rails and was knocking on her door to be let out.

Uh. Oh. It was time for a big girl bed.

My husband ran out to Target and picked up a toddler bed and quickly put it together.

We had NO CLUE what we were about to get ourselves into. 

The Problem

As we set up her new bed, she asked for a pillow. I ran upstairs and got out one of our old, flat pillows and put it on her bed. 

During the next few nights, I realized I needed to get her a new pillow for her bed...not just an old one out of our closet.

As I searched Amazon, the baby stores around us and talked with my mom-friends, we discovered that what our children actually needed was NOT very easy to find. 

Because kids spend so much time in bed (at least they're supposed to) we wanted to give her something of quality.

Because kids can be messy, we knew we didn't want to have to replace a pillow each time she had an accident or dropped it in a puddle on the way to grandma's house, we needed something washable. 

Because we care about the environment, we wanted it to be organic. 

Because kids are smaller than we are, they need a pillow that's their size, that fits their head.

I'd seen the segment about bromine and Flame Retardants on PBS and knew I did NOT want her breathing in those "supposedly helpful" chemicals as she slept each night.

Unfortunately, we ran into problems with each pillow we tried. 

So we set out to make our own. 

We researched so many different kinds of coverings. So many different kinds of fillings. We researched the Organic cotton farms. We researched best, most practical filling. We hand-crafted our own for her. 

Through a LOT of trial and error (and especially the help of mom and dad friends across the country) we arrived on a pillow that we were truly proud to make, truly proud to give, and truly proud to offer to you.

The Calla Pillow

The Calla Pillow is the World's Best Washable Pillow, covered in soft organic cotton, made by parents for kids.

But it's not enough to just make little pillows. 

Parents asked for Organic Pillowcases.

And Organic Blankets

And Crib Sheets

And Lavender Oil. 

So we put our noses to the ground and got to work. 

We care about things like sustainability, paying fair wages, and supporting local businesses. 

We also care about treating our customers the way we want to be treated. 

So even if you live half-way around the world, you know you'll get the same home-town customer service you'd get if you walked into a high-end boutique in your home town. 

All Our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

So whether you choose the Calla Pillow and matching Organic Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase, some Lovely Lavender Massage Oil, A cuddle blanket or one of our Care Packages, You are in good hands. 

You're covered by a 90 Day LOVE it Guarantee or your money back. 

We think it matters how we treat our customers.

If you like the way we do business, the best compliment you can pay us is to let us know and tell a friend. 

Our mission is this: 

"To share peace, adventure and love with our village of families, wherever our journeys may take us"

So if you're an aware, educated and involved parent with a child under the age of 4 in your home, you're in the right place. 

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