5 Tips to choose a great FIRST Pillow

5 Tips to choose a great FIRST Pillow for your little one...

We've ordered and tested over 30 different toddler pillows. Some are great. Most were garbage. Here's what you need to know to give your child a safe pillow and not throw your money away.

No Flame Retardant Chemicals. Children spend 10-14 hours a day, hundreds of hours a month, Thousands of hours a year, nuzzled in their pillows. Unfortunately, there are still foreign and domestic pillow makers that use bromine as a flame retardant coating in spite of the potential neurological damage as a result of exposure to bromine (NIH Flame Retardant Article). Check with the manufacturer before you buy and make sure your child’s pillow does not contain any flame retardant chemicals. If a pillow is imported or the components were imported, your manufacturer may unknowingly be selling you a pillow that has been treated or sprayed with chemicals. 

Machine Washable - It might be enticing to buy an all natural, 100% Organic wool or cotton filled pillow, but if your child’s pillow isn’t washable, then you’re in for an expensive and unpleasant surprise immediately following your child’s first diaper blow-out. Seriously, with accidents, nose-bleeds, the flu and potty training mis-haps, you’ll thank yourself time and time again when you buy a machine washable pillow. A hypo-allergenic, down alternative filling is your best bet. Just because a filling says "machine washable" doesn't mean it won't turn out lumpy or hold moisture and get mildew. Search for a pre-clustered poly fiber - they don't clump. CallaFill (a down alternative cluster poly fiber) is top rated and comes with a '3 year guarantee.'

Perfectly Sized – The ideal size for a toddler pillow is 13” x 18” – There are two reasons for this. First, a smaller pillow can result in less rolling around and a deeper sleep. Second, Little heads need custom support. A pillow that is too thin won’t provide enough support and a pillow that is too thick can pose breathing risks for young children. A pillow that is 8” high is probably too thick for even the largest of toddlers. Look for a pillow that is 2 – 4” in height. This is a nice average range that works for most kids age 2-4.

Opt for Organic Cotton. It’s guaranteed to have been grown without pesticides, insecticides and fungicides and is not bleached exposed to harmful chemical washes or wrinkle treatments. When it comes to your cradling and cuddling our children’s cheeks, this is a very worthwhile investment in a clean and natural pillow. Most cotton is treated with chemicals throughout the entire process: from the farm, through the ginning and cleaning process and again during the manufacturing process. Organic cotton is not and will give you peace of mind as your child sleeps. 

If you’re going to buy quality, make sure you aren’t stuck with a pillow you can’t use. We’ve seen it happen too many times. The ‘gotcha.’ A mom buys a pillow online and can’t return it after she realizes that it’s not at all what she thought it was. Choose a company that cares more about how your child is sleeping than refusing to accept a return. 

    At less than $40, the Calla Toddler Pillow is less expensive than pillows from the big box stores, and is the best value on the market today because it comes with a guarantee. 

    Sure, there are pillows available for less money, but there are some pretty compelling reasons not to buy the 'cheapest little pillow.' When it comes to pillows, it makes sense to buy the best. You won't have to deal with a pillow you'll be disappointed in as soon as you open it and smell the chemical aroma, or a month down the road when you need to wash it and it comes out ruined or a year down the road when you're dropping another $50 on your third pillow.

    You are buying the best toddler pillow on the market and covered by a 3 year satisfaction guarantee. Really, it's a no-brainer. 

    Each pillow is hand-crafted in the USA with dedication and care. They are guaranteed to not be treated with chemicals anywhere along the way and a portion of each order goes to educate and feed growing children. 

    So what is CallaFill? Calla Fill is the filling found exclusively in the Calla Toddler Pillow. It's engineered to be the best washable hypo-allergenic filling in the world.

    But why does it work so much better than other 'machine washable pillows'? 

    Most pillows on the market are filled with long strands of fibers. As they are washed, the strands start to meld and scrunch together resulting in a lumpy pillow. Each time one of these pillows comes out of the wash, the fibers need to be re-separated otherwise the filling will come out lumpy, clumpy and flat. 

    CallaFill is pre-clustered into tiny pearl size clusters of loft. So each time the filling is washed, it does not clump up with the other fibers because it's already pre-clustered. It is used in high-end boutique hotels as a poly-fiber down-alternative filling that is very comfortable and retains its bounce for a long time. 

    CallaFill is hypo-allergenic and not treated with any flame retardant chemicals. It has no aroma and is a perfect fit for toddlers. 

    Because it retains its loft so well, it will provide great soft and comfortable support for 3+ years.

    The Calla Toddler pillow is covered in soft 100% Organic US Grown Cotton. The textile industry is one of the dirtiest polluters on the planet. When you buy organic cotton, you do no harm. No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used in the growing of our organic cotton and every farmer is paid a living wage. Our suppliers love working with us because we value the effort they put in to growing the best cotton in the world.  

    We love working with our suppliers because we get access to the best cotton in the world and even if it is a little more expensive, it's worth knowing that there are no residual chemicals left on the cotton to be concerned about. The cotton is natural colored, unbleached and undyed. Our customers tell us there is a difference. 

    As a small, family run business, Calla Creative offers unmatched customer care and support. Instead of reaching a call center in India or China, Jeremy and Jennie (The Co-Founders and Parents at Calla Creative) respond and answer questions and even include a personalize thank you note for each and every order.

    A parent-run business operated as a parent run business should be. They bring peace, love and adventure into family's lives, one pillow at a time. 

    The Calla Pillow is made in small, handcrafted batches so if they are available, order one now and you'll know you made the best decision for your family.

    Whether you order a Calla Pillow today for yourself or as a gift for someone in your life, you're sure to be delighted.


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